Hi Everyone, and welcome to the Energy Forecast for February.

Thank you to everyone in Australia who came out for my Energy Tune Up evenings and also for the Revolutionary Love workshops. It was awesome to meet you all. I’m now back in California, in Palo Alto, very close to Stanford University grounds.

So before we kick off with this month’s forecast, let’s just take a few breaths together, just to center, wherever you are in this present moment.

(Breathe in and out three times.)

Centering is more important than ever in these very crazy and chaotic times that we find ourselves in. Crazy and chaotic because everything is exploding at once on Earth—problems and solutions, chaos and consciousness. Somewhere in the middle of that soup, you will find yourself.


Some of you are experiencing what I call “awakening leaps”. That is a period of life where you feel like you are having loads of light-bulb moments all at once. Or suddenly you free yourself in a way that creates a momentum and flow with the synchronicities in your life, like people that you meet being great connections, a flow with those who are helping you to achieve and create what it is you are looking to create. If you are in one of those awakening leaps, February is going to be a time where that continues in a very steady way.

If you aren’t in an awakening leap, then the message I'm going to give to the awakeners is the same: Stay as steady as you can.



This is not a month for pushing anything. It’s not that there won’t be incredible opportunities and times in February where you can’t take forward leaps, but the leaps need to be small at the moment because of the way that the energetics of the world are. It’s a little like an asteroid field where things will change very quickly.

Some of you might be noticing this in your own moods. You might be noticing it in events of your life. There is a real propulsive energy that comes quite strong and quite suddenly, and it can create external change for you very quickly. It can also create internal change for you very quickly.

So, if you want to harness the gift of a time like this, choose to focus on your steadiness and your balance.


Admittedly, focusing on steadiness and balance isn’t always wonderful if you’re somebody who is used to having big outward leaps, or if you’re enjoying what your new level of consciousness is showing you in the magic of this world—because there is so muchmagic on Earth and so much magic for us to be involved in on an everyday basis.

I’m out here in a fairly urban (yet suburban) environment, but even here—in the middle of a piece of grass with some amazing trees on it and cars at my periphery—it’s very easy to tune into the magic of these trees; it’s very easy to tune into the magic of this grass. So, even within our chaotic world, it’s about choosing and finding your pockets of connection—with yourself, with others, with nature, with the fabric of the universe.

Choosing those pockets of connection has to be the mastery for all of us at the moment. Because there will be times when we will feel bumped out of it, or we’ll feel like it’s far away. But herein is the real gift in the opportunity of February…


If you feel like you’re struggling, it’s an opportunity to change the way you identify with the word or the pattern known as “struggle.” For many of us now, the level of consciousness on the planet is not supporting old stories in the way that it used to. For example, you might find yourself having a hard week and your pattern brain might replay the same negative sentences, negative thoughts, and negative ideas that you would have had about that hard week in the past … two years ago, three years ago, four years ago. But what you will notice now is more of a separation between the thoughts in your mind and the feelings in your body.  

So this is a really good month to keep checking: Are my thoughts (and what they are telling me) actually matching the body state?  Because for most of you, a lot of the time you will notice that they aren’t matching. For example, you might be running a thought of “Oh God, everything is going wrong, and I’m really depressed about that!” But if you actually check your body, you will go, “Oh, my body is kind of okay. I don’t feel all heavy and sad and full of grief like I usually do when I’m depressed.” You’ll be able to see that your mind is telling you a slightly negative story that your body isn’t telling.  

There are two reason for this: Number one, we are having a lot of empty negative stories coming at us from outside sources, like the stories being pumped at us through the media that actually aren’t true. And number two, there is a disconnect from the truth of negativity in our outer, external world. Discerning the difference between the false and true stories can actually be a really useful mirror for how we can dislodge negativity inside ourselves.


So February is a big month around freeing yourself from negativity. It’s not always something we love to do. It’s not, you know, the most joyous or sexy kind of thing that we can all walk towards. But actually freeing ourselves from negativity is part and parcel of what we are here to do on Earth, because as we free ourselves from negativity, we change the frequency of what we are putting out into the world. And we also change the frequency of what we are magnetizing and attracting.

And it’s a process.  

I know that certain teachings will have you believe it’s something that you can instantly click “on” and it will maintain. And while it is very easy to click “on,” it’s not always something that’s easy to maintain at a deep, integrated level. That’s where practice takes place.


February will be a great month for you to practice observing yourself between negativity and positivity—between those two polarities. They both exist on the Earth, so we need not be afraid of either of them. They go hand-in-hand; they have a relationship with each other. But we are at a time now where more positive thought and more positive energy—and more positive light—is needed for our consciousness, for our planet, for the whole human race … with everything that is going on right now, with such a heavy focus on destruction and war.

The light that you yourself can find—and grow, and nurture, and emit—is a crucial part of what we are seeing taking place on Earth right now in this consciousness shift.  



It’s very easy to feel small inside the consciousness shift. It’s very easy to think, “Well, I’m sitting in my house, by myself, and I don’t really see anyone. What part do I play?”

You play a HUGE part.

But I think what I want to remind all of you about—those of you out there who identify with the idea of being a lightworker—is that it’s not just about playing your part for others. It’s about playing your part for yourself. Many of you lightworkers know the old healer story of looking after everyone else at your own expense. There is a powerful alchemical shift that takes place in the body when you are able to give light to yourself and foster light for yourself, thus recognizing it will then emit to others. And that’s a very tricky learning, because it’s something that has been written out of our history; it’s not something that is very evidently taught in our culture. If we were to live in a society of people who are lit up from the inside, the current paradigm would no longer be able to exist. And there are some who would like this paradigm to continue to exist.


So, February is going to be an opportunity for you to look at positivity and negativity as a relationship inside the self. Now, if you look at what is going on in the world, it’s perfect. You will have many opportunities to feel fear, to feel shock, and to have pulses coming at you from outside that will push you into the very “fear flush” that we need to go through as part of our enlightenment.

Some people pop into enlightenment and experience it very purely, very readily. It’s just who they are, and they don’t go back very far. But for most of us on the planet, it’s more of a forward-backward dance. At the moment, with so many aspects of society focused on control and fear, it can bring up the survival instinct in the self, which can make your psyche have quite difficult thoughts some days. You won’t know whether it’s you or the collective. You’ll be like, “God, am I feeling fear because of me? Or because I read that news story? Or because I listened to that person who is afraid?”

But for many of you listening to this video, it’s kind of irrelevant where it comes from if it ends up landing in your body. Because at this point, it’s time to breathe your way through those feelings. Befriend those feelings. Be mindful of the human programming around fear, the kind of fear that I just exhibited with the dog. [Editor’s note: A few minutes earlier in the filming process, Lee had been startled by a barking dog.] Yes, admittedly, I was attacked by a dog once when I was out running, so I have a little bit of that imprint still in my body. But, at the same time, just the sudden shock of an impulse near us when we are sensitive, open beings—something we don’t expect—can knock us off center.

The usefulness of this time, and the amount of difficulties that are around us, is that all of that is making us very strong in our core. As I said earlier, it’s not a pleasant experience to go through. It doesn’t always feel good, and it’s not necessarily what we would desire. But if you are willing to go through those discomfort moments, you will find there will start to be a balance in your life. And you will have a moment of discomfort and then be able to go back to some peace. Or you’ll be able to change your focus to something that lights you up or makes you feel brighter. And you’ll be able to dance between those two rounds.  


And here’s the other thing that the dog (and all the fear, adrenaline, and excitement) is telling me: My body just changed state because of that short, sharp shock, and actually I feel much more alive because of it. So that’s the final thing I want to remind you of…

It’s very easy for us to feel like a victim, and especially in these human bodies where we actually forget that we are a spirit in a body that is here for as long as we are going to be here. It’s very easy for us to think that we have to keep this body alive and safe, whereas actually that’s only our job for a while—until this body, or the Earth, or our soul in combination with those two, decides that it’s our time to go.

A lot of the human fear triggers are being challenged right now in the collective—and this is because they are the very aspects that have allowed us to be controlled for so long. We are in a very strange time where light is peeking down through the ceiling. The lot of us are under the ceiling going, “We’d love it a bit more quickly! We thought this was going to happen a lot faster. We thought in 2012 it was all going to change.” That wasn’t necessarily my thought or everyone else’s thought. I always knew there would be a protracted period of some difficulty, that there would be a push-pull between light and dark for quite some years.  



One of the “service contracts” that I have with those of you listening is to remind you that you guys are learning how to be strong in sensitivity in the world. Because you can’t get rid of your sensitivity, nor should you want to. You’re learning to deal with some of the more dense aspects of life. Recognize that (just as the dog gave me a shock that put me in a higher state) you are not a victim of these aspects that you are dealing with and struggling with right now. These are the very fears and the very struggles and the very impacts that are going to loosen you and move you into the next level—and make you really strong in your core.  

I believe this was a theme in January too, but in February—really, don’t worry about what you are doing for others in the external world. Of course all of you have jobs and roles, and we are all going to show up to do those things. But take it as a time to really look at your own inner strength, your own inner rhythms. There will be many impulses from relationships, friends, and employers outside you, and those impulses won’t always feel good, depending on how balanced those people are.  


So keep a good containment for yourself. Write in a journal daily. Write down things you are grateful for, or things you would like to bring in. Take five minutes to just stop and breathe, like the three breaths we took together at the beginning of this video. Did you notice how your energy changed from the first breath to the end of the third breath? It can be short and simple. Short and sweet. Just keep checking in with yourself throughout the day. Take yourself out of that meeting, go to the bathroom (three breaths, short and sweet). Do checks to see how you and your inner core are doing, because this month there will be a real polarity dance between positivity and negativity. And the opportunity for you is to see where you find yourself in that polarity dance.  


So, have a good month, Everybody. It’s great to be back in California to create one of these messages for you.

And finally, to those of you who send in a donation each month to help the support the production of these videos and our creation of the work, thank you so much! And to those of you who send in lovely messages, thank you from my heart and the heart of my team.  

Big love, Everyone. Look after yourself, stay steady.

See you next month.  



The Energy Forecast for January 2016

The following is transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Energy Forecast for January 2016. We made it to 2016, and we got through 2015. So please join me in taking a breath to just be present...

And now a breath to take in and release 2015.

And now a breath to invite 2016 in.

One of the big themes for 2016 will be boldness. This was something that kept coming to me over and over again as I was tuning in on a message for you today. The theme of boldness will show up a great deal in 2016, so this will mean you personally will have both the capacity and the growth lessons to help you become more bold in your life -- more bold in your way of living and your way of being present as a conscious, fully functioning being.

It will also mean that boldness will be a theme on the world stage. We are already seeing this happen on the world stage (particularly as we saw in the last few months of 2015) in the sometimes aggressive, destructive actions that are designed to put the collective into chaos, designed to bring chaos and fear to the collective. Often, this is expressed as revenge, where anybody who acts destructively towards another being is taking their own inner pain, inner turmoil, and projecting it outward, whether they are doing that one-on-one in an argument, or whether they are doing that to a group of people as an aggressive or destructive act. But there is also the chaos that comes from rising consciousness on a planet that has a great history of pain, suffering and war that has to be experienced and purged as consciousness rises.


It’s not an easy dance, and it’s not a dance that will ever make sense if you look at just one component aspect of your life journey, or if you focus only on what's going on out in wider the world. But it can start to make sense if you think and act locally.

So this is the bold message and invitation for January: How small, simple and local can you keep your actions, your focus and your way of being?


It’s very overwhelming to those of us in the 21st century who suddenly have this enormous amount of information, stimulation and awareness of what’s going on in other parts of the world --- and in a way that our parents and our grandparents did not have. It has become very quickly a globally-connected world, and there is a wonder in that --- and there is a horror and a shock in that too. And even though many of you are now getting used to dancing through that and finding your new way of being as you are aware of the multi-dimensionality that’s taking place on the planet, it can still be A LOT for the system to take in. It can be a lot for us as human beings, conscious beings and spiritual beings to allow to settle into ourselves and into our awareness.

So overwhelm is still going to be a theme for many of you.

These are overwhelming times. So finding simple, achievable ways of stepping out of overwhelm are going to be very important. For example, some of you (particularly in the spirit of New Year's resolutions) may have this idea that you need to do something big, like sign up for a six-month coaching course, throwing $8,000 down on it, or whatever it is you need to do that is dramatic and strong. Just check that in yourself, because for a few of you that might be true, but for most of you that will be you trying to extend too far into something that isn't that achievable --- partly as a reaction to this chaos energy.
The truth is that the best way to deal with chaos energy is to keep it small, keep it simple … one step, one day, at a time.  

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and like you aren't doing a great job of looking after yourself at the moment, just think: What is the one thing I can add to my daily routine right now that will help?

It could be:

  • Nutritional
  • Exercise
  • Outdoor time
  • A simple spiritual practice
  • Watching a two-minute youtube video that makes you feel better each day
  • Watching comedy

Don't give-in to judging what it is. In this moment, just ask yourself: What is the one thing I know makes me feel better? Bring it into your mind and your awareness. If you have a pen and paper handy, write it down. Or type it into your computer or smartphone.


It’s important for you to start to know what it is you need on a daily basis because January is a month of really strong energies, but not necessarily strong in a horizontal, explosive way. We had a lot of that in November and the earlier part of December. What January is going to do is give you the chance to truly expand horizontally, if you want to, using your spiritual connection. But where those two meet (the expansion and spiritual connection) is in your daily practice and your daily actions.  

So, you may have an exhausting story that you have avoided doing something for four years. "Oh, I never do that thing." You've got two options now: You can either agree to try it this month (to do it), or agree to let it go and stop thinking you need to do it because obviously you don't. You may be more attached to the story and to the disappointment that you feel when you replay that story than you are invested in actually creating that action in your life. So just acknowledge that.


It may initially feel a little heavy to admit to yourself that you’re more invested in disappointing yourself or repeatedly judging yourself. But for each of us there is also a liberation that comes when we can be that honest with ourselves about what our addictions are. Whether our addictions are to a certain energy, a certain pattern, a certain substance, or a certain doing.

There is an enormous amount of energy that gets released into your body when you start to be really honest with yourself about why you aren't doing the things you aren't doing, and just recognizing that. "Oh, I'm not doing that thing, and I've been saying I would be doing it for years."

I think the reason this is coming to me intuitively is due to all the January New Year resolution energy, which can be a wonderful thing and can be really powerful, but it can also be a real guilt trip for many people. So if you are already noticing that you are already failing at your New Year's Resolutions, let your New Year’s Resolution be to not mind what you do and to not judge yourself, because that is a really important power for us as human beings.

If we stop judging our behavior---and stop believing that we are right about what we perceive we are doing wrong---an enormous amount of spiritual, psychic and mental energy frees up. So if you make one commitment to yourself this year, agree to be kinder and more loving to yourself. Here's why: It will affect others in such a beneficial way. There are people who say it’s selfish to practice to self-love. But it’s a kind of idiocy to say that. I’m sorry to be so strong, but I've heard that from so many people who are very unloving people to others in their life. And if those people would be more self-loving, not only would they free themselves from a lot of their pain, but they would also be putting a nicer energy out into the world.

Of course we can't do it every day. We are human: We have our moments; we meet our compressions; we meet our contractions. But we can hold self-love as an aim.

So, if your New Year resolution was “I'm going to be more loving and more kind to myself,” the great bonus of you doing that is that you will naturally want to be that way to the rest of the world in a stronger way than ever before.  


A part of the theme of the last few years has been the chaos and overwhelm that you can sometimes feel. As consciousness rises, it is very multi-dimensional, which means you can go through so many things in just one day, which wasn’t the case prior to then. This concentration of energy in itself can be quite a lot for a system to take in. The body, the mind, the energy body, your spiritual self---the whole caboodle gets re-worked.

So there's a lot of chaos. There is chaos outside, there is chaos within. And the way to let chaos settle is to keep breathing, come back to your body, and know that your body was designed to handle this.

It IS a lot to take in, but we were all designed for this period of time that we have incarnated into … we just didn't realize that it was going to be such a stretch. 


For those of you who are feeling more balanced than you ever have, January is going to be a wonderful time to really get to play with life, to recognize the synchronicities and the magical connections that can happen when you get into that balanced place. You have the skills now to pay attention to what’s happening and to acknowledge it: "Wow, just last week I was really wanting to have more space in my life, and this week three things got cancelled. Something over here moved out and then this person offered me a great opportunity that I can experience in a spacious way over here on Tuesday night.”

In that same way, you have to get honest about whether you are tracking the improvements that you say you want. Going back to what I said earlier, sometimes we can get attached to wanting improvements and telling everyone we are wanting improvements, but we don't really because those improvements would create an alchemical change in our body that we are afraid to go through.

Who would you be if you let go of your habitual fear? Your habitual worry? Who would you be with your parents if you didn't show up at their door and immediately go into the pattern of remaining silent while they moan at you about who you are? Or you moan at them about who you are because that’s what you do with them---that’s the script that you have with them.


Change is extraordinarily powerful. With an uplifting or inspiring quote from a wise individual, we touch the surface of how attractive change is (the seductive mind really likes this). But actual change takes place in the body---and then the whole of your life becomes quite different because the whole of your inner self is being invited to transformation.

This is quite a strong process to go through, which is why we need support from each other; and why we need support from inside ourselves.

And for those of you who are ready to really go there, the month of January is going to be supercharged for you.


It doesn’t mean that your outer world will explosively change in January. That’s not so much the energy of this month. This month is very much an inner month, a time for you to really consolidate and move new energy into your body so that during the spring months---or in the fall/winter, depending on which hemisphere you live in---you'll start to notice a change happening for you in what you can create in the outer world.

January is going to be a very strong internal month where you can consolidate and master your relationship to chaos and your relationship to overwhelm. You can also have an experience where you start to live in a freer, more present way inside yourself. And you can look at changing those scripts a little bit. It might not be that you take the action to change certain scripts this month, but using the inner energy of the month of January is the perfect time to get really honest with yourself.

You can get honest about what it is you would really like to leave behind as you enter 2016, something that you recognize in yourself that has kept you staying smaller or more limited than you would like to be moving forward. That recognition and awareness is far more than a New Year’s Resolution


I recognize that everything I've just said is a little more complex than perhaps I would have liked it to be, but I will tell you that this is about my 12th attempt to record this energy forecast. I tried six times yesterday, and this is the sixth time today. I was actually going to abandon doing it because it wouldn't come together, and then I stepped back and realized: Everything is so chaotic right now, and there are so many things going on around us. How do you bring all that into the body and simply let it be there?

So, I decided to give myself permission to just record a video for you saying anything. And of course by giving myself that permission, it was easy to give you a more traditional energy forecast than I thought was possible. But first I had to strip away everything that I had perceived and get very simple.

I think January just did that to me, and I think that is what it’s going to be calling for from a lot of us who are aware and sensitive. There are many layers of energy coming in now, and they require us to forget what we thought we knew and approach things in the simplest way possible. Things are quite complex out there in the world at the moment, so there is an opportunity for us to harness the power of simplicity and presence.


So, I hope you all have a great month. I'm really looking forward to meeting those of you in Australia who are coming out to my Energy Tune Up evening events and the weekend workshop, Revolutionary Love. I will be in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. All details are on the events page on the website.

I will also get to meet some of you in person in New York. We have just announced that my Energy Tune Up evening is coming to New York on Friday, February 19th. So I'll look forward to meeting some of you East Coasters that night.

Finally, this month in the Portal the new MP3 is Mastering Chaos, which was recorded in December in Sedona, Arizona. And I now understand the title a bit more. It was slightly ahead of the curve. It’s an energy journey and also a channel about the experience of chaos in your life and how to harness it and be within it. And it’s available free for Portal members and is also available in the store this month should you want to check it out.  

A final message from me is just a big Thank You to all of you who send in lovely messages and those of you also send in financial donations to support the making and presentation of these videos. It means a lot, and I look forward to serving you again this year in all of the new ways that I'm sure 2016 will bring for me and for you.

 Lots of love everybody. Take care.

Lee x